Programs: Overview

Photo credit: Joëlle Simard-Lapointe

Our Programs

The Cole Foundation funds medical research through the Cole Foundation Fellowship program as well as the Transition Grant program. Intercultural Conversations is a bi-annual competition to support theatrical production, translation of commissioning. Please follow the links below for more details.

Credit: Amélie Philbert, Université de Montréal
Cole Foundation Fellowship

Launched in 2007, and offering two-year Fellowship grants to clinical, doctoral, and post-doctoral student scientists. Over $6 million has been committed to more than 150 researchers in Greater Montreal laboratories, hospitals, and universities.

Intercultural conversations

A semi-annual theatre competition to support plays that explore voices and stories from and about Montreal’s diverse cultural communities. Grants are accorded for commissioning of new plays, translation and production.

Transition Grants

These 3-year grants are offered to early-career researchers to support the establishment of their new lab.